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Every month we giveaway a new site to a business that enters the raffle below. To learn more scroll down!

Look Professional &
Get More Customers

With a beautiful website focused on great user experience like the one’s below, you will not only be seen as an industry expert you will get more customers!

How it Works

Every month we raffle off a free website to a company or individual who participates in this raffle. Here’s how it works…

Raffle Opens

On the 1st of every month, our raffle will open. The raffle will remain open for 28 days. During this time you will be able to enter the raffle using one of the available options below

Raffle Closes

On the 28th of every month, our raffle will close. During this time we will be randomly selecting the winner. You will be not able to enter the raffle at this time

Winner Announced

On the final day of every month, we will announce the winner via email & on this page. Keep a close eye out for these notifications & potential  secondary offers 

Rinse & Repeat

Boom! Now that we have a winner, what else better to do than do it again? Once we announce the winners we will begin the next month’s raffle right here on this page.



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Liam Olivia
Liam Olivia
Liam Olivia
Liam Olivia

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Clear Objective

Good Objective

More Customers

The only costs associated with our giveaway are the costs needed to have a website live & on the internet. At the core those costs are domain registration & hosting. If needed we can assist you in registration as well as provide the hosting & maintenance of your site but it is not required.

The limitation for this website is set at no more than 15 pages. No E-Commerce

These websites will be built on WordPress using Elementor. IF for some reason this development path is not the right fit for your company than this giveaway would not be a good fit. 

There is no catch. Its our mission to help business get more customer & this is our way of giving back.


Enter The Raffle

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